In a Coffee State of Mind.

"This Tacoma bistro offers not just coffee and tea, but craft beer, wine and food as well. It's a great place to have your first brown sugar latte, which will feel as warm as bright sun in winter."



Tacoma Guide: ANTHEM Coffee & Tea

"If your looking for a good cup-a-joe in Tacoma this is the place for you. From the moment I walked in I knew it was going to be a great experience. The staff was so friendly and nice, the coffee was AMAZING..."

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Design Around Town

“The brand, feel, and message work cohesively, from the A boards, to the store front, to the coffee sleeves which all communicate what Anthem is about. From the designers perspective, Anthem is letting their atmosphere “be the brand,” offering an ambiance that is not what you’d expect of a typical coffee shop.”

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What to do With Two Days in Tacoma.

"The Pacific Northwest is known for a lot of great aspects, and good coffee and beer are two of them. I made it to a couple of coffee shops while I was in town, and I would recommend..."

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These 15 Unique Coffee Shops In Washington Are Perfect To Wake You Up

“Between the modern, inviting atmosphere and satisfying coffee concoctions, Anthem is most definitely one of the best coffeehouses in the Pierce County area. They have two locations where you can pick up a quality breakfast and they also serve beer and wine all day to cover all of our favorite beverage needs!"

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Get Caffeinated at Tacoma Coffee Shops

“But, Anthem’s downtown location is only the tip of the iceberg. With a flagship store located in Puyallup’s beautiful Pioneer Park, Pierce County residents have two options when it comes to grabbing a jolt of java or a bite to eat.”

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