Anthem Beverage & Bistro

Our Mission

We create unique experiences that change lives and bring people back. We do this by loving and serving people, by preparing top-notch handcrafted food and beverages, and by creating an environment where real relationships are fostered.

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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision.

We strive to be recognized as a hub in the community, as the “place to be”.

We know and are known by our community.

We continually improve our skills and knowledge of handcrafted food & beverages and seek to be a leader and an innovator in the forefront of our industry.

We are a collective of creatives who aspire to teach, train, inspire, build-up and empower leaders.

Our Values.

1. We value integrity.
2. We value creativity and innovation.
3. We value excellence in everything.
4. We value growing and learning
5. We value minimizing waste and maximizing profit.
6. We value recognition and rewards - We give credit where credit is due!
7. We value each others ideas and input.
8. We value heroic hospitality- whether it’s a team member or a first-timer, we love to serve, and we serve selflessly. We always put others first!
9. We value people & community - Without people there is no community, and without community, there is no business. Our community is one of our greatest assets. As we invest intentionally into people, real community happens.
10. We value leadership development.
11. We value unity. We run to potential problems and address issues as a team to maintain unity.

Anthem Secret Shopper Project.

We want to be the best we can possibly be and can only achieve that if we know where and how we can grow.

If you’d like to help us reach our full potential, please send us an email at and finish this statement, “I want to be an Anthem Secret Shopper because…”, telling us why you’d want to be a secret shopper and we’ll send you a link to get started with the process.