Culture is like the 6th sense, it holds the other 5 senses together.

The mark of a thriving, well executed culture, is the 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) working together seamlessly to create unique experiences that change lives and bring people back.

Additionally, I want us to pay attention to the 4 P's, PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PROCESS, & PROMOTIONS.  The things to pay attention to are the well being and spirit of the PEOPLE (our team & customers, are they enjoying themselves?), the preparation and presentation of our PRODUCTS (retail, made-to-order items, Heroic Hospitality...and yes that's also a product we serve), the execution and efficiency of our PROCESSES (is there a better way to do something?), and lastly, the communication and education of our PROMOTIONS (both, verbal and non-verbal, signage and POS materials).


How are the 5 senses grabbing you or repelling you today?

How is the TEAM CULTURE of the store you're visiting?

What's the pulse on the 4 P's?


Keep these questions in mind as you respond to the questionnaire below.

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Please choose the location you are reviewing today:
What is your first impression of the appearance of the store on the outside and inside, the look of the team and cleanliness of the space, and the overall aesthetic?
Was there greetings when you walked in? How's the music volume? How was the finesse of the baristas? Did you overhear meaningful interactions between the team and customers? How's the tone of our team?
What did you smell when you first walked in? Can you smell coffee in the air? Can you smell love in the air?
How is the team touching the lives of our customers (physical contact like hand shakes & hugs, eye contact, body language, etc)? How are they touching the lives of one another? How does the place feel to the touch?
How did everything you ordered taste? Do you have a good taste in your mouth from the experience you just had? Is the food and beverage you received worth coming back for and telling a friend about?
Who's killing it and who isn't? What are customers saying online and in store?
How's the preparation and the presentation of the items you ordered today? How does the products in the grab n' go, retail area, and pastry case look? What products could we potentially cut or do without in an effort to streamline our offerings for cost effectiveness?
What processes area working well, and what processes could we improve?
What did you catch someone promoting in store? Was the POS presentable and promoting anything identifiable? Was it obvious that we're a business and we're trying to sell/serve things to people?
Do you have any other thoughts you'd like to add or things you'd like to point out?