-We rent our space after store hours (anytime after 6pm on Weekdays & after 5pm on weekends) for $50 an hour. 

-We honor happy hour prices on our fries, flatbread pizzas (15% off) & beer ($3.50pints) during events.

-You are allowed to decorate & arrange the space how you would like

-We can plug in your phone or ipod if you are wanting to make a playlist.

-we have a sound system & mic set up but feel free to bring any extra equipment you think you'll need


The only Rule: We do not allow outside food or beverages EXCEPT for desserts such as cupcakes, cakes, donuts & etc. are allowed. 


We have a few different options for pricing on food & drinks so you just let us know what would work best for you and your party:

-First option is mentioned above. Folks just purchase their own food and beverages and we will honor happy hour pricing.

-Second option is we charge $12 a person which would include 1 barista beverage (any size) & an unlimited helping of our flatbread pizza buffet bar which includes a fruit & veggie tray. 

-Third option, if you want to purchase some food for your party on one tab- We can do the buffet bar like mentioned above but you would just let us know how many flatbreads you would want exactly & If you are still wanting the fruit and/or veggie tray with this I would have to get back to you on the price for those.