Culture is like the 6th sense, it holds the other 5 senses together.

The mark of a thriving, well executed culture, is the 5 senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) working together seamlessly to create unique experiences that change lives and bring people back.

Additionally, I want us to pay attention to the 4 P's, PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PROCESS, & PROMOTIONS.  The things to pay attention to are the well being and spirit of the PEOPLE (our team & customers, are they enjoying themselves?), the preparation and presentation of our PRODUCTS (retail, made-to-order items, Heroic Hospitality...and yes that's also a product we serve), the execution and efficiency of our PROCESSES (is there a better way to do something?), and lastly, the communication and education of our PROMOTIONS (both, verbal and non-verbal, signage and POS materials).


How are the 5 senses grabbing you or repelling you today?

How is the TEAM CULTURE of the store you're visiting?

What's the pulse on the 4 P's?


Keep these questions in mind as you respond to the questionnaire below.